About Hencofloor

Hencofloor n.v. is an independent design bureau specialized in all underfloor heating applications. Due to the engineering insurance (Protect) all technical info and recommendations are covered. Hencofloor can also present ATG & ISO 9001 certificates.

Hencofloor n.v.

  • Engineering department (in-house)
  • Product development
  • Training programs
  • Fast calculation programs (freeware)
  • Drawing programs for UFH and radiators (available soon)
  • Project coordination

Why Hencofloor?

  • Comfortable heat
  • Healthy air
  • No invasion of space
  • Energy efficient and economical
  • Unlimited choice of floor coverings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Compatible with any source of energy
  • Suitable for any area
  • Suitable for any building
  • A top quality product in every respect

Service and guarantee


Hencofloor offers the professional support of its experienced engineering team.

10-year guarantee

Henco has been tested and certified by more than 50 internationally renowned certification bodies. Hencofloor offers a 10 year system guarantee.


Other applications

  • Ceiling and/or floor cooling
  • Wall heating
  • Sport floors
  • Heating of football pitches
  • Heating of access roads
  • Skiing and ice skating arena
  • Industrial underfloor heating systems
  • Concrete centre activation

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